Schooling Life: Pasta for Pennies

Shirt:NY&Co.,Dress worn as a skirt:Gap,Boots:Purchased at DSW,Scarf:Gift,Belt:No name,Bracelets:Gifts,Earrings:H&M,Ring:XX1

Β Good Morning Lovelies!! Happy Valentine’s Day!! Yesterday was such aΒ cold day for South Floridians! We brought out the boots, scarves, gloves, etc. I personally love wearing boots when I get the opportunity. I had this top for a while now (gifted from my sissy) and I love it. It is from New York and Company and it fits me very well. I am wearing a dress as a skirt. When I purchased theΒ dress from the Gap a couple of years ago it fit me well but since I’ve have gained a little weight in the last couple of years the top doesn’t fit me as well as it used to so I chose to wear it as a skirt. Its works lol

Here is my favorite scarf!! I love it. I can wear it with basically anything!

So I titled this post Pasta for Pennies because for the past couple of months at school each class has been raising money to helpΒ The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to find cures for those who have been diagnosed with blood cancers. Several schools around the country are participating and they have raised thousands and thousands of dollars in the past couple of years.Β Many of the students have sacrificed buying snacks and other nicΒ nacks to help make a difference in someone’s life. The class that raises the most money will receive a pasta party from Olive Garden. Well guess which class won????? ::Drum Roll:: MINE!!!! Woot Woot. My class did a great job bringing in so much money to support such a great cause and since we raised so much money we will receive a nice treat! It is nice to give back to those who aren’t as fortunate as we are and I plan to do more than I already do.

I hope you all have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by! Oh and also make sure to check out the fabulous giveaway I have going on right now—->To enter toΒ win your very own Easy Canvas, click here.



7 Responses to Schooling Life: Pasta for Pennies

  1. Rashidah Ferguson

    Looking fab. I can’t wear the full shirt look as well, but i love it on other people

  2. Jillian

    I love love love those boots paired with that dress. You look hot to trot missy!


  3. Ticka

    I LOVE this look!! Very classy and sexy at the same time! Congrats on your class winning! And for such a great cause! Great job!!

  4. Bajan Beauty

    Congrats on raising the most money! I like this outfit, you look very winter chic, gotta love Miami and our sporadic cold spells.

  5. Tyesha

    Ashley I’m loving this look and the boots are just to cute!!

  6. Shalanda

    Wait a minute! You’re a teacher too?!

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