DeliverLean, A Healthy Meal Plan Delivery Pt. II



Good Morning Everyone!!! Last week I shared with you all about South Florida’s premiere Delivery Service called DeliverLean. I must say I truly enjoyed the meals that were given to me. As I stated in my previous post about DeliverLean, the meals were low in calories and delicious. It was nice waking up to fresh new food to eat for a couple of days.

Spinach_Salad_w_Grilled_Salmon-3The last meals that I received consisted of a turkey burger with sweet potato wedges, a sicilian arugula salad which came with a sauce that I wish I could have on all the salads that I eat, blueberry pancakes, and much more. I would highly recommend this delivery service because the amazing service and impeccable food.Β Steak_and_Egg_Whites_w_Roasted_Tomatoe-13It’s not to late to sign up for DeliverLean’s January special. Sign up for 1 month at $24.99 per day and get 3 days FREE!! Click here for details! Thank you so much DeliverLean for allowing me to partake in wonderful dishes for a week! I truly enjoyed it.

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