Stirring Up the Arts Fashion Show {Recap by Stephanie Menji}

Hey, everyone for those of you who didn’t meet me I’m Menji the new creative director at A Sassy Woman. Coming from an artistic background I’ll be telling you about the cultural events that happen in Miami and any photography adventures I may have.

This week is all about the Stirring Up the Arts fashion show I attended. The company’s CEO and Founder, Brenda Noralus gave me the opportunity to be one of the event’s photographers. I can honestly say that, Brenda knows how to throw a great event.Β  There was food, art, fashion and poetry all in one; it sounds a bit overwhelming but everything flowed perfectly.Β  The food was provided by Caribbean Infusion Catering and Divine Celestial Cakes and More Co (the snacks and pastries were heavenly). The beautiful clothing was provided by Yhaniqua Lopes, The Bombshell Boutique, Kel Fashion and Design, and an informal showing of Yvette Elfawa. There where also cute pop up shops where you could find unique clothing and accessories.

I really enjoyed the fact that there were intermissions in between each collection because it gave everyone a chance to explore the gallery. Having a fashion show at an art gallery was definitely a distinctive choice. Since I’m an art enthusiast, the fact that I was able to appreciate so many creative mediums made the experience worth while. Oh, and it was also cool to be able to take pictures of the models backstage. It was a bit funny on my part trying to arrange these extremely tall women that towered over me in a narrow hallway (mind you I’m 5’1” lol). Β All in all it was a great night; I will keep everyone posted so you can all attend the next Stirring Up the Arts fashion show with me. Also if you would like to know more about the things Brenda does in the community, you can find her on or on Instagram @simplyartistic1.

fashion trio

portrait fashion trio



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