Florida’s Finest Blog Series: When a Floral met a Stripe by Minister of Style


Hi ASW readers, I’m Cathy of Minister of Style and I’m delighted to be guest posting in the “Florida’s Finest” series. I’m a new Floridian, just been here almost 2 years but I feel like I was born here, LOL. I am in love with my new state! So Ashley asked us to share our take on the Spring trends, I’m gonna give you 3 in one post! Black and white, florals and pattern mixing…sounds like a hot, sticky mess in the Florida heat right? Nope it somehow all works together. I was never a pattern mixer, I really didn’t like it much, thought it looked kinda crazy then I saw a few bloggers who did it right. My opinion changed but I still didn’t think it was for me. One day I tried it and discovered I loved it but I still don’t go extreme, I keep the colors in the same family. That’s the trick to me.



My black and white striped Old Navy pencil skirt has become a closet staple, little did I know that when I purchased it. I just wanted it because I saw how popular a striped skirt was. Then I was on an online shopping trip when I happened across this floral blazer on clearance at jcp.com. It works perfect for the Florida winter but bright enough for when the summer rolls around. As soon as I saw this blazer, my striped skirt flashed before my eyes. I somehow knew it would work perfectly. I pulled the patterns together with a simple fitted white tee and black sandals from ShoeDazzle that toughen the ladylike look up with zippers.


An oversized black and white clutch plus a few well chosen pieces of jewelry finish off the look.



Thanks Ashley for including me in the lineup of the “Florida’s Finest”.

ASW Message: Cathy you are so welcome my love! LOVING your striped skirt with floral blazer. I have to try this look for spring :)

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  1. Erika

    I love it!

  2. Reiko (GFS)

    Cathy looks Amazing!

  3. Lee

    I have never commented but just had to.Girl I love it! You nailed this look. Very creative indeed.

  4. Melissafff

    Fab look doll … That blazer is amazing

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