Florida’s Finest Blog Series: Metallics by Ju’lia Catherine

Hello ASW readers,

First and foremost, I would like to give a big thank you to Ashley for allowing me to be a part of her Florida’s Finest series. I love everything her blog represents and she is such an inspiration to me. So needless to say, I am pretty nervous about this post.

My name is Ju’lia Samuels, lifestyle blogger of Ju’lia Catherine, founder and editor-in-chief of Worthy Magazine, which is a multicultural/lifestyle digital magazine.


One thing you will find out about me, if you check out my magazine or even my blog, is that I am kind of β€œout there.” I love simplistic looks but I live for anything that is unique and classic with a story. It took me a while to embrace my true style. My pursuit of self-love lead to the creation of my blog, and I am happy to report that I am finally comfortable with my aesthetic, which is simple but unique. I have a similar goal for Worthy Magazine, which is that it helps readers embrace their true selves however weird or simple that may be.


My Favorite Spring Trend has to be metallics. Anything that is shiny will almost certainly have my attention and all my love. So I am pretty happy that anything metallic is perfect for the Spring. From metallic shoes to jackets, I love it all.


I decided to showcase a new dress that is close to my heart. It was a custom design that my mother made for me. I am always stealing her clothes. So she started making some for me. I actually wore the dress to Miami Fashion Week on Thursday. The dress is a classy showstopper all by itself, but I couldn’t help but pair it with a vintage sequence blazer that I’ve had for years. In honor of my obsession with the TV show β€œScandal,” I called the dress β€œThe Olivia Pope.” I couldn’t help it. I sacrificed a night of my favorite show for a fashion show. Yes, I love Shonda so much that there was an actual inner-debate.


A weird quirk about me is that I love leggings. I even wear them under my jeans. So normally if I can sneak in a pair, I will. I don’t mind wearing them with open-toe-shoes. The pair I have on are actually a recent purchase from JustFab.


I am an avid believer in having on a statement piece, or a few if you can manage. In this case, my statement piece was my earrings – a recent present from my mother. My skull bracelet actually came from a local store in Deerfield called ”Famous Footwear.” The chain bracelet is from Mister X Sir+. The owl ring was another present and all of my other rings are family rings that were passed on to me.


So that is my look. I hope it encourages you to try some different things with this season’s metallic trend and I hope it wasn’t too weird, but in all fairness I did warn you.

You are worthy,


Ju’lia Samuels

Β ASW Message: Ju’lia I love your metallic dress and blazer! You look amazing :)Β 

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