Wellness Wednesday: Nike FuelBand

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Excerpt: Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Today I would like to share with you all my favorite accessory to wear each and everyday which is my Nike FuelBand! I first learned about it earlier this year when two of my friends told me how it motivates them to stay active throughout the day, set daily goals, and motivates them to live a healthier lifestyle. I received my FuelBand as a gift from my lovely parents which was back in April and since then, I may have only left home without it a couple of times. Some of my friends ask me “What is that black…

Wellness Wednesday: 5 Healthy Breakfast Meals

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Excerpt: Hey Everyone!! For the past few months I have really changed my outlook on living a healthier lifestyle. It is not just about exercising but also includes what you eat daily. We all love to eat hash browns, pancakes, waffles, donuts, etc. for breakfast but we find ourselves paying for it later on at the gym lol. I have found five healthy breakfast meals that are delicious, low in calories, and are easy to prepare the day of. Click on the title of the meals to be directed to the websites for the recipes and other helpful information. Enjoy! Soft Boiled Eggs Classic…

Wellness Wednesday: The Clean Eat Diet featuring Melissa from Faith Family Fashion

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Excerpt: Hey Everyone!!! I am so happy to announce my new blog series called “Wellness Wednesday”! Each Wednesdayย my posts will be geared toward living a healthier lifestyle. Blog posts will range from workout tips/techniques to interviews from amazing individuals who focus on their health! I am really excited about today’s featured guest, Melissa W. from Faith Family Fashion! Melissa is a 35yr old personal style blogger from Sarasota , Fl. She’s also a wife and mother whom works full time in the field of Aviation as a Certified Electronic Tech. When Melissa isย not working a 10hr workday, she’sย enjoying her free time away from…

I’m an Ellie Ambassador + 20% off your first purchase

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Excerpt: Good Morning everyone!! I have some exciting news to share with you. I am now one of the ambassador’s for the fashionable activewear brand called Ellie! Those who enjoy looking great while exercising can be stylish each month by becoming a member of Ellie. Orders are shipped out the day of purchase and free shipping is included. Prices range from $34.95-64.95 Not only will I show my continuous support for Ellie daily, weekly, and monthly but I also received a complimentary outfit. I chose the Night Rider Long Sleeve top and matching Little Black Capri tights. I wore…

My new found love for Yoga

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Excerpt: Happy Wednesday ASW Readers!! Many of you know that I work out and eat healthy as often as I can, so over the Christmas break I wanted to try a new workout routine, that is where Yoga came into play. I’m a cardio girl so switching it up ย was a huge adjustment for me. After seeing Tia Mowry engage in Yoga and tape a video doing it, I thought it would be pretty cool to try it out in the comfort of my own home. I found her DVD online and ordered the beginner version and waited patiently for it…

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