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Wellness Wednesday: Nike FuelBand

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! Today I would like to share with you all my favorite accessory to wear each …


ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Courtney Aiken-Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Hey Everyone! Today I am relaunching my blog series “ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight.” I love this series because I …


Selfie on ABC

Hi Everyone!! I was recently asked to participate in the Selfie Challenge for the new show Selfie, which …


Wellness Wednesday: 5 Healthy Breakfast Meals

Hey Everyone!! For the past few months I have really changed my outlook on living a healthier lifestyle. …

2 for 1: OOTD + What to wear to my 25th birthday Celebration

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Excerpt: (1) Good morning my wonderful readers!! What do you all have planned today? I have to pay a visit to a couple of shoe stores to find my birthday heels! Wish me luck! I should have posted this yesterday but I was tired from work and had no energy to do a post :( My sister called me last night and asked me where is the post for Friday? So I said that I would do a post in the morning. Yesterday was casual day at work. I went to work very casual as you can see. I just wanted to…

HAUTE or NOT: Antonia Carter rocking a Garb Boutique dress and Versace heels

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Excerpt: The lovely Antonia “Toya” Carter stopped by BET’s 106th and Park on Tuesday to talk about her new show called Toya: A Family Affair which premiered this past Tuesday at 10pm on BET. She owns a store called Garb Boutique which is located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Toya rocked a dress from her store as well as some extremely high Versace heels! She was a co-star on the Tiny and Toya show for two seasons and then decided to have her own show that allows viewers to take a look into her life. Toya’s family as well as her Fiance’…

2 for 1: OOTD + My feature on Fashiondevotee.com

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Excerpt: (1) Dress:Old Navy/Jacket:Wet Seal/Shoes:Nine West-Necklace/Earring set:Century 21(nyc)/Ring:Random/Sunnies:XX21 Good afternoon my lovely readers!! How was your day? My day went pretty well. I smiled and laughed with my students as well as with my co-workers (who are actually my good friends) today! On Monday I sounded sad, miserable and lost and I feel so much better! I would like to say thank you to everyone who shared their kind words with me because they truly helped :). So I decided to wear heels today! lol. I try and wear heels a couple of times each month to break away from the monotony of my…

Time waits for no one

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Top:Charlotte Russe/Beige ruffled skirt:NY&Co./Belt:Random/camisole:XX21/Shoes:Old Navy/Necklace and Earring set:Beya/Ring:XX21

Good evening my wonderful readers!! I hope you all had a great day. My day was ok. I woke up in such an awful mood and everyone knew because of my facial expression. Does anyone ever have those days where they just feel sad and wish things in there lives could be different? Well, I’ve been having those days for months now. Don’t get me wrong, some days are better than others but the reality of it, is that I don’t think that I will be ultimately happy until…

HAUTE or NOT: Keisha Knight-Pulliam attended the 9th Annual TV Land Awards rocking a long sleeve, feather print dress

We all know Keisha Knight-Pulliam as RUDY, from the hit tv series in 80’s, “The Cosby Show”. This past weekend the 9th Annual TV Land Awards took place and she was in attendance. I think she looked very nice and I LOVE long sleeve dresses! I actually bought one to wear to one of the events for my birthday! ASW readers I would love to hear what you thought of Ms. Pulliam’s dress!



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