ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Courtney Aiken-Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Hey Everyone! Today I am relaunching my blog series “ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight.” I love this series because I …


Selfie on ABC

Hi Everyone!! I was recently asked to participate in the Selfie Challenge for the new show Selfie, which …


Wellness Wednesday: 5 Healthy Breakfast Meals

Hey Everyone!! For the past few months I have really changed my outlook on living a healthier lifestyle. …


The Denim Split Skirt

Hey Everyone!! I have been searching for a denim skirt that splits in the middle for the past …

HAUTE or NOT: Keisha Knight-Pulliam attended the 9th Annual TV Land Awards rocking a long sleeve, feather print dress

We all know Keisha Knight-Pulliam as RUDY, from the hit tv series in 80’s, “The Cosby Show”. This past weekend the 9th Annual TV Land Awards took place and she was in attendance. I think she looked very nice and I LOVE long sleeve dresses! I actually bought one to wear to one of the events for my birthday! ASW readers I would love to hear what you thought of Ms. Pulliam’s dress!



Don’t laugh

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Shirt and Shorts-XX21/Wedges:Aldo/Camisole:Random/Bracelet:Miami accessory store/Earrings:Miami accessory store/Ring:XX21/Shades:XX21

I would like to apologize for the lack of posting that I have done this past week. I was sick last weekend and I was trying my hardest to get over that cold. My energy was extremely low which meant I had no desire to post :(. Hopefully this week will run more smoothly and I will be back to posting each day again. Anyways, my cousin had a birthday party last weekend. He turned 1 years old and it was held at a park. I wore the outfit above↑ to…

Such a disappointment

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Excerpt: Good morning everyone! I thought I’d share some sad news. Recognize this bag? It was on my wishlist and I used this bag in a post that I did a few weeks ago. I thought that it was going to be a cute summer bag so I asked my sister to buy the bag for me for my birthday. Turns out the bag is incredibly small. I carry big purses and my sister even said that this purse would be too small for my liking. Oh well. It was a #fail but I will find another summer bag. Does anyone know…

HAUTE or NOT: Top Model Eva Marcille rocking a black and blue striped dress

Eva Marcille was spotted this past Friday out and about wearing this lovely black and blue striped dress with over the knee boots! I’ve always liked Eva’s style because she always looks comfortable in whatever she wears. That is what it is all about. Comfort! ASW readers please let me know what you think about this Top Model’s outfit!



Cute and Affordable Date Night Looks

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Excerpt: Ladies we always say these 5 words: I have nothing to wear! I know for a fact that I can testify to that because I am quick to tell a friend that I need to head to the mall and pick up something to wear for whatever occasion I am going to. It is hard for ladies to find things to wear when we are going on a date, especially if it the FIRST date! Those are tough ones because you want to make a great impression on the person and everything needs to be right! I put together a picture…

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