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Lace and Spring Florals

Good Friday Everyone!! I hope everyone enjoys this special day as well as their Easter Sunday! I have …

Spring Essentials

ASW’s Spring Essentials

From Left to Right: Dress: Black Mixed Cut Out Maxi  Necklace: Coated Collar Sunglasses: Dickies Aviator  Tote: SOBIESKI …


Double Denim + Faux Fur

Happy Tuesday Loves!! For about a week now the weather in South Florida has been pretty chilly and …

Polka Dot 2

Holiday Dots

Happy Monday Everyone! Is anyone just as excited about Thanksgiving as I am? I love the holiday season …

I have arrived…

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Sweater:XX21/Cargo pants:Urban Outfitters/Bomber Jacket:Bebe/Boots:Charlotte Russe/Scarf:Love Culture/Purse:STEVEN/Necklace:mom bought it for me in Africa/Earrings:Gift/Bracelet:random

As you all know, I headed out to the Maryland/DC area today!! I had a great flight. Let me take that back lol My flight was kind of uncomfortable…I had the window seat and the lady who sat next to me decided that she was going to take up ALL the space. I couldn’t even rest my elbows on the armrest of the seat which meant that it was hard for me to even read my magazine! That is not even the worst of it….

HAUTE or NOT: Chad Ochocinco’s beach outfit!

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Excerpt: Chad Ochocinco (SMH to his last name) headed to the beach this past weekend to eat breakfast! How nice! This post is definitely for men and women. Men would you wear this outfit? Women would you let your boo or guy friend wear this outfit and be seen with you? I want to know what you all think! The weather in Florida lately has been extremely nice. I think it only rained one time last week. Speaking of beach…In a couple of hours I will be on a boat ride in Miami Beach with a bunch of my girlfriends. We are…


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Excerpt: Hello wonderful readers! I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday. I just thought I would share this old post from The Fashion Bomb that I was featured in! I submitted in my picture and was posted in a blog post previous to this one and then at the end of the year Ms.Claire Sulmers chose to put my picture as well as two other ladies pictures in the Best of 2008:Obama-Mania post! I was excited! Just thought I’d share this with you all.


  Click on the picture below to see the post!! Have a…

Arts and Crafts Festival

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Excerpt: Vest:Thrifted/Shirt:XX21/Jeans:Jolt Jeans/Belt:Came with another pair of pants/Sandals:Old Navy/Necklace: Miami Accessory store/Earrings:Gift from a friend/Bracelet:Random/Ring:Miami Accessory store/Sunnies:XX21/Purse:STEVEN Today I got the chance to go to the Arts and Crafts Festival in Broward county! It was my first time ever going to something like this and I must say that I did enjoy myself. The weather was nice and breezy! It was a nice crowd of people but not a massive amount of people came out for the event. I think honestly the event could have been promoted a little better. Just like when the state fair comes around…

My plans for Spring Break

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Excerpt: One of the perks of being a teacher is that we get plenty of days off…including a whole week off better known as Spring BREAK!..Key word BREAK! lol Well I have been planning my break out for the last month and a half and I am extremely excited about my plans. Here are the 10 things that I plan on doing during my Spring BREAK! 10. Family Feud- This show is one of my favorite game shows to watch! Especially now that one of my favorite comedians is now the host the show…Steve Harvey! He is hilarious and he makes the…

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