ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight: Courtney Aiken-Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

Hey Everyone! Today I am relaunching my blog series “ASW’s Entrepreneur Spotlight.” I love this series because I …


Selfie on ABC

Hi Everyone!! I was recently asked to participate in the Selfie Challenge for the new show Selfie, which …


Wellness Wednesday: 5 Healthy Breakfast Meals

Hey Everyone!! For the past few months I have really changed my outlook on living a healthier lifestyle. …


The Denim Split Skirt

Hey Everyone!! I have been searching for a denim skirt that splits in the middle for the past …

ASW’s Featured Guest: Ms. Ariel Burke

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Excerpt: Let’s meet ASW’s guest! Ariel Burke is a fashion forward 24 year old woman, who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications from the University of South Florida. She is currently working on a Fine Arts degree. Ms. Burke’s career goals are to be a creative director of a fashion magazine, own her own vintage thrift store and own at creative arts firm that will focus on photography, graphic design, and fashion styling! Not only does she work and go to school full time but surprisingly enough she finds the time to blog, thrift, spend time with family and friends,…

ASW is Spreading the news: UK Style by French Connection is sold at SEARS!

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Excerpt: So I am home on Saturday night ☹ so of course I want to blog lol. I thought that I would share some news with you. Some of you all may have heard about this new line but I am going to talk about it anyway for those that may not know. Today, I was walking through Sears and I saw some stylish clothing that caught my eye so I glanced over and saw a section called UK style by French Connection. Now we’ve all heard of French Connection and everyone knows that there clothing can be a little pricey…

HAUTE or NOT:Jennifer Hudson wearing a color block look from the Gucci Spring 2011 line

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Excerpt: The lovely Ms. Jennifer Hudson performed the other day on Good Morning America wearing this fabulous color block look from the Gucci Spring 2011 line! Doesn’t she look gorgeous? The colors really compliment her skin really well. Don’t be surprised if you see me put these two colors together lol. Well you’ve read what I think of the outfit now I want to hear from you all. I really do appreciate it when those of you take some time out to vote and let me know what you think about the different outfits! Have a blessed Saturday and thanks for reading…

HAUTE or NOT: Tika Sumpter in a strapless floral dress!

Gossip Girl’s very own Tika Sumpter attended the Rebecca Taylor Meatpacking District store opening party on Wednesday (March 23) in New York City. Many of you all may also recognize her from the hit tv series “The Game” where she played Malik’s girlfriend. I would like to know what you all think of the outfit Tika wore to the party the other night. Thanks for reading ✌. xoxo, Ashley

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Excerpt:   Hello my lovely readers!! As we all know Spring is FINALLY here! Well….the weather has changed for the majority of southern states but NOT for the Northern States. My sister lives in DC and she told me yesterday that it is still cold and I was just in NYC last weekend and it was freezing there as well. Well today I went out for lunch and decided to wear some items out of my closet that I haven’t gotten a chance to wear yet. When I put this outfit together I knew that I wanted to incorporate some color into my…

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