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Lace and Spring Florals

Good Friday Everyone!! I hope everyone enjoys this special day as well as their Easter Sunday! I have …

Spring Essentials

ASW’s Spring Essentials

From Left to Right: Dress: Black Mixed Cut Out Maxi  Necklace: Coated Collar Sunglasses: Dickies Aviator  Tote: SOBIESKI …


Double Denim + Faux Fur

Happy Tuesday Loves!! For about a week now the weather in South Florida has been pretty chilly and …

Polka Dot 2

Holiday Dots

Happy Monday Everyone! Is anyone just as excited about Thanksgiving as I am? I love the holiday season …

My plans for Spring Break

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Excerpt: One of the perks of being a teacher is that we get plenty of days off…including a whole week off better known as Spring BREAK!..Key word BREAK! lol Well I have been planning my break out for the last month and a half and I am extremely excited about my plans. Here are the 10 things that I plan on doing during my Spring BREAK! 10. Family Feud- This show is one of my favorite game shows to watch! Especially now that one of my favorite comedians is now the host the show…Steve Harvey! He is hilarious and he makes the…


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Excerpt: Yep that’s right! My favorite color is GREEN! I think that the color is beautiful and that it is easy to match different colors up with it! As you all know, I love to take risks when I get dressed and break those matchy-matchy rules. Well this is what I came up with this morning. I’ve been dying to wear this top and I didn’t want to wear black pants/skirt with it so I decided to match it with peasant skirt! I love the mix of the two G’s-Gray and Green! This skirt is really long and I sometimes step on…

Logitech S315i Rechargeable Speaker for iPod, iPhone & MP3

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1 Month Anniversary!

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Excerpt: Today is such a special day for me! I have had my blog for ONE MONTH! It went by extremely fast! I’ve had so much fun blogging about my life, giving fashion tips, answering style questions, etc. I plan to do even more in the upcoming months! Since today is my 1 month anniversary I would like for those of you who read my blog regularly but have not subscribed to my blog to SUBSCRIBE today!!! This means that you will receive emails when I update my blog! You can click on the link on the right hand side and…

2 for 1: OOTD + Black Tea Rinse!

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Excerpt: OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) This morning when I woke up I had already had set in my mind that I wanted to wear my high waisted black skinny leg pants! Although I knew I was going to wear the pants, I had no clue what top I would wear. I tried on at least 3 to 4 shirts and none of them looked right. But then I tried on this yellow ruffled stretchy top and I knew that it was the one. It is very colorful and that was exactly what I was looking for! [caption id=”attachment_557″ align=”aligncenter” width=”612″ caption=”Top:Arden B./Pants:XX21…

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